1) Production of various diagnostic reagents like VDRL Antigen, Species specific Antisera and Anti H Lectin and supply  to the Government and Non-Government Institutions.

 2) To undertake blood group serology, and to offer opinion about different types of Medico-legal exhibits or biological materials sent to this Laboratory.

3) Institute houses Regional STD Reference Centre which functions in collaboration with NACO and WBSAP&CS to provide laboratory support to STI/RTI program and related projects.

 4) Training of Laboratory Technicians in various techniques for laboratory diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and imparting training in Forensic Serology to students pursuing MD(FSM).

 5) To involve our department with National & State run health projects where our laboratory’s role is very useful.

 6) Isolation of Polio Virus from stool samples of suspected Polio cases from the Eastern and North Eastern Region as part of surveillance of Polio Immunization Program.

 7) Analysis of sewage water for detection of polio virus from different areas of Kolkata Municipal Corporation as a part of environmental surveillance.        

8) National Measles Laboratory to diagnosis measles and rubella serologically in the  state of West Bengal and report it to NPSP-WHO.